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 Lavi Laela

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Lavi Laela

Lavi Laela

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PostSubject: Lavi Laela   Lavi Laela Icon_minitimeMon Oct 04, 2010 3:09 am

I might aswell be the first one Razz

My in-game name is Lavi Laela meaning Lion - Night Beauty
My real name is Zoey. Yes I am a girl :O

I first joined Ishitori LS on FFXI doing sky. Fun times~
I played FFXI for about 5 years before i quit. I do miss my mog alot /sulk
Midgardsormr was my first server, but in the end I only played on Hades.
My main characters were: Zoela, Lupinia, Lajila, Scruffygora.

I played FFXIV Closed and Open beta, but since my laptop cant run the game very well I cant say I was a
very good tester Razz
I'll be mining until PS3 release, and then I can get some real playing done! Hopefully~

I live in Norway and I'm 25years old the 20th november.
Currently unemployed XD

Want to know more, just ask. Though I do bite! *rawr*

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Lavi Laela
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